by Brian

I’ve got an entire ridiculous narrative in my head about this commercial. I imagine Kanye going home, seeing him tossing and turning in his sleep while Kobe saying, “but are you a different animal, and the same beast?” echoes in his head, and then staring up at the ceiling, realizing he’s not going to sleep, saying in a dejected voice, “what the fuck does that mean, Kobe Bryant?” Then there’s a montage of Kanye doing all kinds of cliched mental-block science-y things to try to solve this puzzle: pulling books off the shelf, flipping through them furiously, and upon realizing it’s not the right book, tossing it over his shoulder and continuing on with a new one; filling an entire chalkboard full of equations before frustratedly throwing down his piece of chalk; toying around with bunsen burners and complex tubing; throwing a bunch of papers in the air in exasperation, while possibly yelling, in escalation, “no, NO, NO!!” Then the eureka moment, he’s got his head in his hands, but he’s just came to some conclusion, maybe he’s saying, with some new hint of understanding, “a different animal, and… the same beast!” Then he’s hurriedly digging his phone out of the piles of paper on his desk and calling Rick Rubin, perhaps with some punny line about wanting to make a record. Then a montage of them working on recording a record, and bam, he’s holding Yeezus in his hands, and then  Rick Rubin says, “a different animal?” and Kanye responds, with assurance, “and the same beast.”